Commercial Construction and Development

 We understand and appreciate that commercial projects are most often time sensitive and on a strict budget.  Knowing this we focus on keeping in constant communication with you regarding schedule and budget so there are no surprises and you can get your new space working for you as soon as possible.  We manage your project from pre-construction to completion so you aren’t dealing with multiple people throughout the process.


      [Our process]   

  • Pre-construction meeting to determine timing, budget, and needs
  • Site inspection to go over design and scope of work required to meet your needs
  • Meet to review plans to ensure everyone is on the same page, review budgets (we will provide you with a detailed estimate) and cost saving suggestions will be provided from our experienced team
  • Begin working with the local government on any permitting that is required
  • Once permitting, plans and budgets are approved work begins (this is the fun part!). Our onsite leadership starts with scheduling subcontractors, overseeing quality control, and making sure the project is staying on budget and on time
  • Schedule and oversee all building, trade, and owner inspections.  We keep our subcontractors well informed on when inspections will be taking place and our project managers will accompany the inspectors to address any questions the inspector may have
  • We will schedule weekly updates with you to keep you informed on the progress of the project and answer any questions you may have.  Besides these weekly updates we also encourage our clients to visit the job site to see the transformation taking place.